DTS 96/24 audio drop outs?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by JeremyFr, Feb 14, 2003.

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    I would say try better audio cable between your reciever/dvd player, also your dvd player may not and I say this very skeptically be able to pass that much data through its SPDIF jack to the reciever. its really a tough call on this one though it I can assure its not the disc since it never does it in the same spot.
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    I had similar problems when I played Queens
    A Night AT THE OPERA. I have a Mcintosh MX 134
    and when I played that disc in 5.1 dts 96/24 I
    would get audio drop outs. When I would put
    the 134 into THX mode it would not even put
    out any audio, my input and output indicator
    lights that show how many channels are being
    input and output would just randomly flash
    like the 134 was confused with dts 96/24 signal.
    I thought that it must be a bad disc so I just bought
    Another Stoney Evening to see if it would work.
    It works fine and so does the Queen disc, it was
    my MX 134 that seemed to have the problem. I just
    had a software update done to my MX 134 and they
    both work fine since the update. The info on the
    update didn't say anything about a fix for dts 96/24
    but it seems to have fixed the problem.
    I have changed DVD players since I last tried
    dts 96/24 so I put my old player back in to see if
    it was the update or the change in DVD players that
    fixed the problem. The old player worked fine too
    so I'm sure that the update fixed the problem.
    If I was you I would try it with your DVD player
    and a different processor or receiver.

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