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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Jay H, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I am looking at buying a home, but really thinking about trying not to get a local phone service. Just this year, I finally got a postpaid cell phone. The only real use I would have with local phone service is with my current ISP, of which I have a basic inexpensive dialup plan. With my new house, I'm thinking of trying not to go with a local phone provider and just use my cell phone, however, my dialup ISP would have to be changed. Rather than paying for local phone service and dialup, I'm thinking if might be cost effective just to use my cell phone and then get either a cable modem or DSL. I also subscribe to a Dish Network's AT180 currently in a house that is not wired up for cable.

    Option 1: go for inexpensive DSL via my satellite dish, uses phone for uplinks, but do I need a local phone service plan, or would just an existing phone line work? I guessing I would need local phone service cause I'd be using their switchers and routers and all that stuff.

    Option 2: Could I get a cable modem without getting cable? I'm pretty sure the house is wired for cable, but I'm kind of leaning towards sticking with Dishnetwork. The easiest method would probably just to switch to cable and then get a cable modem. I don't know the complexity of getting cable modem service without cable and being able to use the wiring for my Dish...

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    I haven't heard too many good things about the dish internet services. Perhaps they've improved, but I'm sure the ping times are still terrible if nothing else. Last time I looked at them the equipment cost of absurd.

    You can get cable internet without having cable service, but they will charge you a little extra -- probably about $5/month.

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