Driving Front L/R Speakers with Separate Amp in 5 Speaker Setup Questions

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    Is this a possible solution to my dilemma of needing to use an equalizer for the front left/right speakers in a 5 speaker setup?:

    Buy an a/v receiver with DPL II and Dolby Digital that has preout for the front left/right speakers. Connect those outputs to the inputs of a separate amp that will drive the front left/right speakers. The DPL II/DD receiver will drive the front center and rear surround speakers, right? With this type of setup, adjusting the volume level on the DPL II/DD receiver will affect the volume level of all channels including the amp that is driving the front left/right speakers? I should be able to playback DPL II and DD without any problem, right?

    If this is all true this might be an option.

    This setup is going to be for my parents who have a pair of Bose 901 speakers for their front/left right speakers that REQUIRE use of a proprietary Bose equalizer for the front left/right speakers. Please don't flame away about the Bose speakers as my parents love them, have custom installed them hanging from the ceiling and do not want to replace them. My parents don't want to spend $1200 on a receiver. I'm thinking the above solution may do the trick at a MUCH lower cost than buying a receiver that has a coupler preout/main in (very few have this and usually higher end costing a lot of $$).
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    The answer is yes, you can do it.

    Even $200 receivers usually have pre-out for all 5 channels. You can use 2 fronts into equalizer and then into amp for 901. I am hoping that equalizer has 0 gain, or is adjustable; you still should calibrate all channels with SPL.

    Volume adjustment on receiver should adjust all channels, amplified and pre-out.



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