Driving audtio to multi-rooms using the HT receiver

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Daniel Simon, Dec 23, 2005.

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    I'm wondering if I could use my HT receiver to also drive other speakers spread out across the house for music or whatever. Is that even possible? (I don't have a particular receiver yet, but take something like the Pioneer VSX-74TXVi for example) Is it possible to output audio to just the other speakers? Both sets at the same time?

    I know most receivers have a 'B' channel for the fronts, but is this good enough to power multiple speakers at the same time? Would I just run regular speaker wire to the additional speakers to power them, or is something else needed to power them?
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    If the receiver has B-channels, you could use those to wire speakers in another room. Be sure you use the right impedance. If the wire gets relatively long (i.e. longer than, say, 50 feet), use thicker wire (like g12 or better).

    Unfortunately, that's all you have then. If you want to have sound in more rooms (or there are no B-channels), you would need extra amplifiers. Of course, depending on you requirement for sound quality, you could use anything from high-ranking amplifiers to speakers-with-amplifiers (PC type).

    You would have to feed those from your receiver using shielded cable, or else there are systems using blue-tooth (or other wireless connections like that; infra-red wouldn't work in this case). Unfortunately I have no experience with those latter types, so I cannot say anything useful about their performance.

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    Hey Daniel,

    One option is to use an impedence matching speaker selector on the B channel of your receiver. I wouldn't suggest using the A channel at the same time though.
    Another option is to run the B channel into a Russound EZB-1 (4-pairs)+(EZB-2 for up to 8-pairs) connecting block and then run wires into separate Russound impedence matching volume controls (ALTX-2D). It's how I have my whole house audio system hooked up. You can hook just 1 set of speakers to this set-up or up to 8 with the extra connecting block. Each set of speakers will need it's own volume control. Again I wouldn't suggest using the A channel at the same time. My system uses a dedicated receiver I had lying around. I have a thread in A/V power section of the forum called > Whole house audio power question > I posted it a cople of weeks ago. I also have 2 pictures of how the receiver is hooked up in my HT gallery

    You can go to Russound.com and look at the parts. If you need more help with this let me know.

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