Drivers from premade speakers

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    Im thinking about making my own speakers and want to find out what drivers premade speakers are using. I heard that Paradigm uses drivers from Forgings Industrial of Taiwan and Mirage gets their parts from Brazil.

    Where do other companies get their drivers from? (PSB, Deftech, jamo, Energy, Monitor Audio, Atlantic Tech, Axiom, etc...)
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    Chances are all of these manufacturers use low quality drivers so they can make more money. Look for drivers by vifa, scan speak, peerless, focal, etc... for the best drivers around and they aren't even very expensive.
    The GR 130 5.25 mid is one of the best for the money at under $25. Very tough to beat at this price. It's made by peerless.
    They also have a great tweeter T1 for a great price.
    Look at and for other good quality drivers.

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