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  1. Tyler

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    May 8, 2001
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    I want bass that would sound just like the theaters which is loud fairly deep and something that would rumble like the theaters.
    Any drivers out there like that ?
    I could also use a EAQUALIZER to add a bit more low end punch.
    I'm thinking about a 10" or a 12" and my budget is about $150.
    Please help thanks
  2. Julian Data

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    Oct 5, 1999
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    Actually, most theater subs die around 30Hz or so.. Most HT subs beat them due to the size of the room.
    Most DIY subs outgun Movie subs.
    If you have the room, I would try to design to a sub to be flat so you don't have to use an EQ to fatten up the bottom end thus taking away headroom from the amp.
    If don't have the room, run a lot of power and plan to boost it with a lot of EQ.
  3. Geoff L

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    Dec 9, 2000
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    If you post what you would like to achive from your subwoofer, type of cabnit, sono tube or typical box, any size constrictions on them, on board power amp, seprate outside amp, if so how much power, budget, and room size, Im sure many would love to offers some ideas and maybe even run some sims for you.
    As far a drivers go, the Shiva is hard to beat for the money. It allows for a varity of designs and is a proven performer.
    If I remember right you said you were 15 and this would be your first try.
    Given your age you might like to try a simple sealed design with the Shiva driver. Later you could move up to a ported design using the same driver haveing learned some basic wood working skills from your sealed box.
    It will be much easier for us to offer ideas if you provide us the info to work with. [​IMG]

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