Drive-In Delerium DVD. Need to separate the trailers.

John Wilson_273159

Apr 21, 2013
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I have a DVD called Drive-In Delerium which is an incredible DVD and has a ton of old trailers on it that I want to use for my shows at home. Problem is they are in one big chunk and not able to be separated...well, not without a whole lot of time which I unfortunately don't have.

Is there an easy way to pull all the trailers apart? Some software anyone can point me to?

Many thanks



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Apr 13, 2011
Yes there is and I got one for free and it worked a treat. I can't tell you what is because I was using Windows 7 when I looked for such a product and somewhere down the track Windows 7 stopped working and I can no longer access the software locked in Windows 7 or anything else including important tax files. I reverted to another drive and Windows XP with no further trouble and no restarts for no reason like Windows 7 was doing.

However, I own a Lifetime(them or me?) to VSO Software and their ConvertXtoDVD5 has this facility and a sizable screen to see what you are doing.

Not sure what you are going to do with separated files, the main part of this program allows you to access the files on the discs and you can select one trailer and make a disc of that one or several in a row. However, not having the disc, the trailers might be in grouped blocks.

If I am going to work on files I always rip to the HDD first and use those files for any editing I need to do. I have recovered faulty discs in this program or used two of the same disc with faults and assembled clean files from each disc. Then copied a clean file from one disc(HDD copies) and place in the other file deleting the faulty one and it worked seamlessly. I hope this makes sense.

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