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    This morning, I had a weird dream...

    As I was in that sort of half sleep/half awake state this morning, I had a dream that I was moving one of those giant Poland Spring bottles. This was funny because I had a problem yesterday where both of our water coolers (at work) were completely empty and me (having just thrown my back out) couldn't change the bottles (which I normally do).

    Anyways, I dreamt that I was moving one of the empty water bottles and I stuck my right hand finger in the spout hole...it got stuck in there and I couldn't get my finger out. As I pulled on it, it felt like I was going to separate my knuckle so I got worried. I remember being in a lot of pain in the dream.

    Now the strange thing was, I immediately woke up and found my right hand had fallen asleep and the very same finger from my dream was throbbing from being asleep.

    Neat!! I assume I was awake enough to consciously know my hand was hurting (even though I wasn't really aware of it), but to then create a dream around that pain...that was kind of weird.
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    It's not that complicated. You didn't "know" anything. The sensation was strong enough to affect your dream, but not enough to wake you up. Happens all the time. As a kid, did you ever picture yourself using the bathroom before waking up in the middle of a wet bed? And how about the movie cliche where a noise or voice thought to be part of the dream turns out to be real?


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