DPL vs DPL2 New encoding and decoding??

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    I went to the www.dolby.com website to understand the DPL2. I am trying to understand what DPL2 really is since this was recommended to me here on the forum as an alternative to 5.1 (my cable box does not have an SPDIF capability). I am concidering getting the Kenwood 507.
    Is the following correct:
    DPL2 is an improved analog capability that improves the surround capability over DPL (I have this now).
    DPL2 is similar to 5.1 in that it has separate rear channel encoded/decoded information capability.
    The movie has to be encoded in DPL2 to get the separate rear channels. I am assuming the DPL movies will not decode with DPL2 and give separeate rear channels.
    DPL2 does not have an equvalent capability to the 5.1 LFE.
    Thanks [​IMG]
    BTW: I am looking to replace my Pioneer VSX-D602S (6 yrs old) but hav very good DPL and other DSP modes. Is it worth it in your opinion to get a new receiver to get DPL2?
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