Dozens of Paramount price drops at DVD Empire (full list here)

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by Scott_J, Jun 11, 2003.

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    $10.79 titles ($14.99 MSRP)
    Wayne's World
    Wayne's World 2
    South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut
    Trading Places
    The Score
    The Phantom
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Bad News Bears
    Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
    Bad News Bears Go To Japan
    Fatal Attraction
    Education of Little Tree
    Beavis and Butthead Do America

    $14.39 titles ($19.99 MSRP)
    When Worlds Collide
    Searching for Bobby Fischer
    Sidewalks of New York
    A Place in the Sun
    Play It Again, Sam
    Nutty Professor (1963)
    Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
    Gung Ho
    Dead Man on Campus
    The Court Jester
    The Conversation
    Atlantic City
    Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy
    200 Cigarettes
    The Big Bus
    Friday the 13th Part V
    Friday the 13th Part VI

    $23.98 box set ($29.99 MSRP)
    Wayne's World 1&2: The Complete Epic

    Whoo. Now I know how Dave feels after he does the Weekly Roundup every week.

    Just a couple notes:
    • Most of these are currently listed as "On Order."
    • DVD Empire has free shipping on all orders that include 4 or more titles.
    • DVD Empire coupons:
      535834 - $5 off $50 or more
      535835 - $10 off $150 or more
      535836 - $15 off $250 or more
      All coupons expire 6/30/03.
    • Finally, per their lowest guaranteed online price policy, once Deep Discount DVD finds out about these prices at DVD Empire, they'll lower their prices to beat Empire's by at least a few cents.
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    Heh. This is the same list I posted in a separate thread a few weeks back as taking effect on 6/3, and then re-posted in the 6/3 Roundup. I mentioned in the 6/10 Roundup that those price reductions never seemed to show up, but Tuesday I mentioned that by that time I had spotted these reductions at Best Buy and Circuit City.

    The $19.99 titles are $17.99 at those stores, and the $14.99 items are $12.99 at those stores. Not bad if you don't want to wait. Availability is limited...I only found AI, Barbarella, and Bad News Bears. Well, I found Nutty Professor, but left it behind due to a torn up box.

    I expect that shortly these will be part of a BB 3-for-$30 deal or something like that, or else a merchandiser at Costco or a big display at Wal-Mart. Keep an eye peeled.
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    David Scarpa
    Hmm might finally have to stop looking at When Worlds Collide and Buy it !

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