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Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Matt Stryker, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Matt Stryker

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    First off, I'd like to thank everyone here for everything they've written or done to help me with my HT over the past 6 or so years. But, times change and my wife and I are leaving sometime this year/next year to go to Mexico for church missions, so I'm getting rid of pretty much all that I own stateside. I know a lot of you guys are frequent sellers and eBayers, and wanted to know what your strategies would be for charging shipping and what shipping methods would you use (for DVDs only, the hardware is another whole issue)? I have access to some decent size (4+ keepcase+packing-high) cardboard boxes, but i was wondering about shipping the 1-2 dvd stuff. I intend to shipping larger orders thru FedEx ground, and just charge actual shipping to the buyer, since its much cheaper for bigger boxes.

    Also any hints on how to handle a lot of small shipments at once.

    I'm also going to post a list of what I have over in the polls area; I'm trying to go from 300+ DVDs and boxsets down to 20 before I move, and I just can't decide. And of course once I get my list all set, it will be over in software for sale.Here is a link to the polls thread.

    Mods: I couldn't really figure out where to post this, here or software.
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    The U.S. Post Office offers free (priority or express) shipping supplies, and they'll deliver them to your door. For 1-2 DVDs, ship them Priority mail and charge $4 for shipping.

    Here's the LINK to order supplies.

    Best of luck,

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    WOW, sounds like you are going to have quite the fun and rewarding life.

    Have fun!

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    You can buy manila mailers at Wal Mart that will exactly fit one DVD, or slightly larger ones that will hold 2. These are lined with bubble material. I have never had a complaint about damaged merchandise with these, and they cost 75-95 cents. Media mailing is about a buck and a quarter. So, for about two dollars you can send a disc or two. Double that (or triple, depending on the location you are shipping to) for priority mail, which is now priced not only by weight but by zone. If selling in quantity, you will need to order free prioroty boxes (called "Large Video" - don't get the smaller ones, as many DVD's won't fit into them) about 7-10 days in advance via an 800 UPS #, which your local P.O. can provide, as many local post offices no longer carry these in stock. Give your eBay customer a choice, and round off what you charge to the next full dollar, but not more than that (bidders get pissed if they smell price padding).
  5. andrew markworthy

    Sep 30, 1999
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    I'd also advise that you make sure that you don't get the 'it never arrived, I want my money back' complaint. After one such personal experience I refuse to sell anything unless it goes recorded delivery.

    More to the point - good luck with your new posting. [​IMG]

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