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Down to 2 tv's-which one?! (1 Viewer)


Nov 29, 2004
Hey guys! My never ending quest for the right TV continues. I've now eliminated RPTV's--I want a TV I don't have to worry about and PQ is priority one.

So I've narrowed it down to 2 sets-very different-I can get either for about 1000 CDN$ taxes in. So I figured I'd take any and all input.

The first:The Sony KV32HS500...a great 4:3 tv with a picture I just love--so sharp and detailed. Only hesitation is when watching widescreen DVD's on this tele the picture ends up quite small.

The other:Philips 34PW850H...a 16:9 tv so my widescreen DVD's look nice and large but the picture on this sets looks a bit 'soft/fuzzy' to me. I spent a half an hour messing with settings but could never kick the softness.

So I'm undecided--I want to trade up from a 27", but do I go wide or standard. I watch mostly standard (digital) cable and play xbox so it would seem 4:3 would be the way to go, but with the 16:9 the image on DVD's seems so much bigger. Also, I'm sticking to direct view because the picture is unbeatable but then I feel like I'd be choosing a (slightly)lesser picture for a few more inches if i went for the philly.

I'm leaning towards the sony-best picture I've seen and I've hit every electronics store in town, and I suppose 16:9 on a 32" is still much bigger than 16:9 on a 27". However I have a feeling with the widescreen the extra 2 inches actually translate to more in terms of picture size.

Oh the joys of spending large sums of money, and committing to a TV for the next several years.

thanks in advance

(also posted in the SPOT forums)

John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Well, 16:9 source displayed on a 4:3 is certainly a better size trade off than 4:3 source displayed on a 16:9.....

I went with a giant 4:3 myself, I just could give it up.lol My real HD 16:9 stuff is fantastic on it. Lots and lots of formatting options with the full res native widescreen mode of the display.

Best of luck with it.

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