Down Periscope. OAR info mistake on back of package.

Discussion in 'DVD' started by DouglasRobert, Mar 27, 2004.

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    Just bought Down Periscope and on the back is the following info.

    Widescreen Version: Presented in a letterbox Widescreen Format Preserving the Aspect Ratio of its Original Theatrical Exhibition.

    Full Frame Version: This Film is Presented in a Full Frame Format Preserving the Aspect Ratio of its Original Theatrical Exhibition.

    Then above it it states in the grid that the Full Frame Version is modified to fit your screen.

    Just seems strange that Fox would let a mistake like that happen.

    Also I noticed that the trailer is in 2.35 and the film itself is 1.85. So is the aspect ratio for the film 1.85 or 2.35?

    Also in the trailer is several alternate takes or deleted scenes, including one where the female Lt. is skiing behind the sub. To bad they didn't include some deleted scenes on the DVD.
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    Often theatrical trailers are in a different A.R. than how they are shown theatrically. For example, if you are showing the trailer for a 1.85:1 film on a 2.35:1 presentation, you are watching an anamorphic print and the trailer would have to match that. Vice versa for a 2.35:1 trailer on a matted presentation in many cases.

    Also A.R. mistakes on DVD packaging does happen from time to time. For example, on the one disc version of Se7en that came out recently, the A.R. listed is 1.85:1. I think some people have mentioned that the packaging has since been corrected.

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