double sheetrock good or bad?

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  1. John D S

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    I have a 25'x 17' room with 9'foot ceiling. Three of the walls are already built but I have to build one more 25'

    wall. Since the opposite wall is 2 x 6 construction should I build this wall the same? I was planning on using double sheetrock on all walls and ceiling but have read that this may be too rigid.I am not worried about sound proofing so much because only one wall will be in contact with the existing house and I am using two walls separated 3" with soundproofing. I plan on building the room and setting up the equipment and hiring a professional to do the calibration and acoustical recommendations. Am I going about this right? One sheet of sheet rock or two? 1/2" or 5/8"?

    My equipment

    Krell kav15 amp (300 x5)

    Krell kav 250A (250 X 2)

    Krell HTS II

    Martin Logan odyssey-fronts thanks for

    theater center suggestions

    4 scripts

    ? subs still trying to decide John D S
  2. Brian_J

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    The most important thing is the plumbness and levelness of your framing. You cannot have a good sheetrock job without a good framing job. As far as two layers of sheetrock, I dont see the point. If you are trying to create a thicker and more silent wall then you would be better building a wall on a wall of sorts since its the dead space in between that gives the most insulating value. Me, I'd just use a good soundproofing insulation and 5/8's rock.

  3. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    First, welcome to the Forum!

    Added sheetrock can help with soundproofing issues, especially if you use the ½” variety.

    But I’m with Brian: if you don’t care about soundproofing, there’s no reason to double-up on sheetrock.

    Good Luck,

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
  4. Bill Lucas

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    Mar 20, 1999
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    Double layers of sheetrock are recommended for the *outside* walls of a home theater, not the inside walls. The walls on the inside need some flex and a double layer is too rigid. What you read was correct. If you put a double layer on the outside the sheets should be of differing thicknesses. Good luck.

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