Double-checking my (limited) HT connections

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  1. Jack_Geo

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    Jan 5, 2002
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    Hello all...
    I have a relatively limited HT setup (for now!) and was hoping to get some opinions on how I've got my components hooked up. Hopefully, it's correct, but am certainly willing to take the advice of the more knowledgeable members here and make some changes. Here's what I've got:
    TV: Mitsubisi WS-55809
    DVD: Panasonic DVD-RP91K
    VCR: Some older Mitsubishi model
    DirecTV: Sony Dish and receiver (older model)
    I'm waiting to save up some $$$ to get a receiver and speakers...but that'll be another post.
    Here's a link to the back panel of my Mits:
    So, what I've got so far is my DVD player hooked up to the Mits in the Component 1 spot with component cables and matching audio cables to the 2-channel audio.
    My DirecTV receiver is connected to the Mits through an S-Video cable and the 2-channel audio into Input 1.
    My VCR isn't connected right now, but would like some opinions as to where / how to do so. I'm not sure if I should run it directly to the Mits or go through the DirecTV receiver so I don't have to switch inputs. I don't know if that is possible or not, but it seems like it could work. I'd also like to be able to tape shows off of DirecTV to the VCR, if that helps in your assessment.
    Any suggestions / opinions are welcome!!!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    hi jack!

    welcome to HTF!

    as far as your connections go, it sounds like you've got everything right.

    you're selecting the component cabling for your dvd player, which is a good move...that'll give you the best picture possible.

    i don't have any experience with directv, but it seems like you'll have to have the cable go from wall to directv to vcr to tv. that way, you'll be able to record shows from the directv.
  3. Ryan Ab

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    Jan 6, 2002
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    Like you I've got two sets of inputs on my toshiba tv; one is component for the dvd, the other is s-video or composite. I don't have a svhs vcr, so I still go composite audio and video out of the satelite to the ins of my vcr and from their out to the tv. I use the vcr to switch between antenna (locals) and the satelite. The downsides are I lose the s-video from the sat and you can watch locals thru the tv's tuner while taping off sat, but you can't watch sat while taping local tv. To me, this is the simplest way until I get a new reciever that can handle the inputs for me.

    Other options would be to get an s-video switcher from Radio Shack and hook up the out of it to the tv. Then plug into it outs from the vcr and sat and also a second line from the satelite to the vcr in. This way you could watch the satelite on s-video, but you'd have to get off your butt to switch it to vcr to watch a tape.
  4. Scott Hayes

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    Oct 2, 2001
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    I have direct tv a mitsu the wt46807model and a mitsu vcr I Unfortunatly I cant pull it out right now due to the hour so I will go from memory. The cable from the sat dish goes to the input on the vcr, then the cable from the output on the vcr goes to the input on the satelite reciever.Plug your svideo and audio cables from your vcr to input 2 on the tv(whichever you want to use) then put the svideo and audio cable from the sat. receiver to the #1 input on the tv like you have it. I am 95% sure that is the way to do it.

    I hope it helps.

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