Dot crawl on rear projection with Rotel DVD player

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Andrew__H, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Hi Guys-

    I just watched the Bourne Identity with my new Signal Cable V2 component cable, and noticed some dot crawl on solid surfaces (like seats on a train or blinds in windows).

    My tv is a Sony 46" table top projection (KP-46WT510), and the Rotel DVD player is model RDV-1040.

    What is the cause of dot crawl? Is it my DVD player, the cable, or the tv? I've done Avia tuning, perhaps I should do it again? Or is this just a symptom of all RPTVs?

    I was seeing dot crawl with the previous Tara labs component cable, so it's probably not the cable causing any distortion.

    Thanks guys!
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    The dot crawl most people talk about is due to imperfect Y/C separation (via comb filtering) when the source is composite. When present, it is most noticeable where contrasting colors meet with a horizontal or vertical boundary, such as the red and blue stripe at the bottom of sportscasts where scores or players' names may be displayed.

    A DVD player connected to a TV via component video or S-video should not introduce dot crawl since no comb filter is used in that video signal path. However you may encounter a DVD whose source material was composite in an earlier lifetime and was poorly comb filtered (mandatory) during production for the DVD.

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