Don't Forget The Lyrics: okay let em rip!!!

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Jerome Grate, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Saw it last night and first I feel bad for Wayne Brady because he's pretty talented, but the show is pretty bad I think. The concept of the show is a cross between Singing Bee and Who want's to be a millionaire. The two contestants last night too me looked and acted phoney. I made the comment to my wife that I wonder if these are actors placed in as contestants. Any way I would probably watch next week for the singing and dancing kid.
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    My wife and I both enjoy this show. We like the fact it has a lot of older music and we try to guess if the person has it right. We also like Wayne Brady. Speaking of Wayne Brady. As time permits, I have been editing and converting all our home VHS-C videos to DVD. In editing a trip to Universal Studios Orlando back in the 90's guess who was playing Dracula at the Beetlejuice show? It was non other than a young Wayne Brady. Now I wish I had filmed the whole show instead of just snippets of each performer. Who would have known tho.

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