Don't buy the Fantasia DVD unless you want to waste money.

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    That would not be me, I believe that believe there is a point where the artist is no longer allowed to modify their art PERIOD! Approval? How arrogant to think anyone can grant that approval. I speak as an artist. One that has made a living as one all his life.
    My work is complete when I sign it. I no longer should alter it. If Lucas didnt own Star Wars and Fox altered it he would throw a tizzy fit claiming his "art" had been compromised (rightly so). He should live by the same rules. Who "owns" the art (creator or not) has no bering.
    Ownership of a thing does not excuse alteration of an idea. I (as an artist) should create something new or retire.
    We dont, all we can control is our own integrity. I would never suggest that they cannot alter a "movie". My objection is when they call the movie art and then proceed to "enhance" the art (by addition or subtraction).
    Yes I am arrogant, and I have artistic integrity. Let the others do as they opinion of them stands. (as if they care) My solution is a simple one....if it is modified after it is signed (released) it ceases to be art and so is entitled to none of the respect true art commands. In my opinion of course, your mileage may vary. [​IMG] can modify it all you want but dont call it art anymore....for it is not.

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