Donation Needed: PJ for Costa Rican Mission

John Gates

Second Unit
Jun 18, 2001
Hello everyone!

A friend of mine is serving the poor (read: desperately poor) people who live in refugee slums in Costa Rica. He was having a terrific turnout for "movie night" for many months, but recently someone broke into his place down there and stole his cheap portable projector. So, no more movie nights for the kids of the Precario.

I was hoping that someone here might have a working portable projector laying around that you would consider donating to a great cause?

I'm heading down there at Christmas to help package and distribute Christmas gifts, so I could transport the projector.

Here's a link to their website:

BE SURE to click on the picture, and a slide show will load to give you a look at what they are trying to accomplish there.

Send me an e-mail at johng316(at)charter(dot)net if you have a PJ that might work, and we can work out the details.

Oh, and since this is a non-profit charity, all donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for listening,


charles mix

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 24, 2002
I will get is shipped out ASAP. Don't worry about the shipping I will take care of it. I hope they can get some good use out of it. I have the carry case and remote so I will send that as long as well. It is Gods projector he just let me use it for a while now He needs to use if for a while.

In His Service
Charles Mix

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