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    Aug 15, 2001
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    Now that we've figured out that DD EX is similar to THX Surround EX, are there any receivers or processors that feature DD EX? Or is the Outlaw 950 going to be one of the first with this new format. And how do you guys feel about this "new/old" format, will this be a desirable feature?
    What present surround format, besides THX Surround EX is DD EX comparable to?
    Thanks for your input...........
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    Sep 6, 2001
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    DD EX is just like DTS ES. These sound formats have a matrixed rear-center channel. DTS ES-Discret has a "descret" rear-center channel.
    See here:
    The Denon AVR-3801 out a year ago or so has all three of these formats. Likewise the Denon AVR-3802, some of the Onkyo recievers and others also have been decoded these formats for some time.
    I have the 3801. Works great. Gladitor sound wonderful.
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    Aug 3, 2000
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    Geo- The "official" name of the original format was...
    Dolby Digital THX Surround EX
    The new one simply drops the "THX." Other than that, they are the same.
    (Although I think the "THX" version required THX certification of the hardware de-processing the format, while now, as I understand it, you don't need THX certification anymore.)
    I think that's the reason why a lot of the original "Surround EX" components didn't have the official logo for "THX Surround EX" (Outlaw 1050, for example): because they didn't want to pay for "THX" certification.
    Hopefullly others will chime in as well...

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