Dolby digital decoder on crossover freq question

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    Okay, lets see if I have this right or does some on need to set me straight?

    I own an Onkyo rec and I want see if the small/large setings are working how it is supposed to.

    Sub: Yes, Speakers: Small
    All LFE material and anything below 80Hz (or is it 120hz)gets sent to the sub.

    Sub: Yes, speakers: Large
    only the LFE material goes to the sub and all other low bass frequecy goes to the mains.

    Sub: No, speaker: mains default to Large
    LFE material and all bass frequency goes to the mains or does the LFE get discarded with sub set to no?

    Is this how most DD decoders function?
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    You basically have it right. If any speaker is set to large, then the bass energy in that channel remains in that channel. If it is set to small, then the bass is redirected to: the sub(s) if they are enabled, or the main front speakers if the sub is not enabled. (The main fronts cannot be set to small if the sub is disabled). The LFE always goes to the sub if it is enabled, or it is mixed into the fronts if the sub is not enabled. In this case, your receiver should have a level setting called "LFE Mix" or something similar, which controls the level of the LFE channel that is mixed into the fronts. The LFE is not discarded, but you can usually set the LFE Mix low enough to achieve that effect if it is overwhelming your front speakers or their amps.

    On some receivers, you can adjust the crossover frequency. On some, such as most Sonys, you can adust it individually for front, centre, surround, and surround back. On others, it is pre-set to 120 Hz (as per Dolby's specs) and cannot be changed. Your manual should be able to confirm what the crossover frequency is and/or how to change it.

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