1. I've had three copies of Identity and all three copies skip at specific points in the movie.

    The first two skips occur early in the movie, while characters are running around in front of the motel.

    Thunder and lightning make these audio skips very obvious.

    The third, and most easy to locate, skip occurs during the orange grove sequence at the end of the movie when the character is hanging laundry (goto the last chapter and then backup a bit).

    I'm trying to figure out how it's possible to have this problem on three copies.

    I did get all three from Gamestop, but am sure that each disc was different.

    The idea of a studio dumping a batch of bad discs on a lower-tier retailer makes me a little mad (if that's what's going on here).
  2. JustinCleveland

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    Justin Cleveland
    There may be a conflict between that disc and your player. I had a similar problem with a James Bond movie that would freeze on my main player but would play fine on my bedroom player and computer. Because you have had three discs and the same problem with each, that would be my guess.
  3. cafink

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    Carl Fink
    Just a shot in the dark, but doesn't Identity use "seamless branching" to present two different versions of the movie? Maybe your player is pausing at the branching points as it might at a layer change.

  4. Good call.

    I tried the disc on an Xbox (same problem).

    My player is a PS2+ (prog scan), not the best player but never had any problems even with other branching discs (Aliens, Abyss).

    I might check out the TE verse the EV on the WS layer.

    Then I might check out the full-screen layer.

    EDIT: there shouldn't be any layer change type issues since the WS version (both TC & EV) is single-layer).
  5. Inspector Hammer!

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    I don't think it's the branching, i've watched the branched version a few times with no problems at all, not even a perceptible skip.

    The obvious way to test this is to watch the theatrical cut of the film and see what happens.

  6. Using my PS2+ I was able to hear the skip in the orange grove sequence while watching the TC & EV on WS layer.

    I also believe the skip point (while hanging clothes) is a chapter break, but I'm not sure what difference that would make.

    Watched the same sequence in FS and no skip is detectable.

    This may be a player issue with the WS (branching) layer, but until I get my disc to work properly in some other player, I won't be at ease about this problem.

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