Does TV geometry change with positioning?

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    I've noticed that when I moved my TV from one side of my room to other, the geometry was worse! before, it was pretty straight, but now that i've moved it, there is a noticeable tilt on the right side, both with DVD's and regular TV. What the heck?!?!
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    TV's, or to be more specific, the CRTs inside the TV, are susceptible to the effects of the earth's magnetic fields. When a television is manufactured, it is actually "tweaked" for the region it is to be shipped to. A TV supposed to be sent to South America would not look very good if shipped to Canada.
    The effect is most often in terms of geometry. I recently moved my RPTV from an east/west orientation to a north/south orientation, and I now have a severe bend down one side of the screen which will need to be corrected.
    Nothing wrong with the TV then, just a byproduct of the natural world. [​IMG]
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