Does TiVo use S-Video Imputs/Outputs?

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    Hi all,

    This is the first foray into questions about TiVo. I've got a few of them here, but first some specifics about my setup:

    Marantz SR-19 as audio and video switcher

    JVC S-VHS and VHS

    Scientific Atlantic Explorer 2000 Digital Cable Box

    Other components

    1) Does TiVo support S-Video connections? I use my Marantz to do all of my video switching (except DVD) and the ability of TiVo to do this would help simplify things (I think).

    2) Does TiVo accept digital audio in? My cable box can output a digital signal using a coaxial cable, but not optical.

    3) Is there ANY reason to consider a digital TiVo? I assume that they're more expensive, and am not sure why I'd want one (don't, and will not have, digital sattelite service her in NYC).

    4)I hear about the recording quality on all but the worst level being better than VHS. How does it stack up against S-VHS on SP speed (best quality), which is how I generally tape things.

  2. Dmitry

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    1. Yes. TiVo (standalone) supports S-Video, composite and has an NTSC tuner, so you can plug in RF.

    2. No, only analog audio in.

    3. If you don't have a DBS service, no reason until they make one integrated with the digital cable box (if ever).

    4. In the best mode it's pretty close to S-VHS. Resolution-wise I think it's actually better, but occasionally you can spot MPEG-induced artifacts.
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    ...and for a wealth of help and information on tivo try this site......
    One word of caution. It may "seem" like you read a lot of posts about problems. Remember that on this forum, we discuss all kinds of speakers, receivers, dvd players, subwoofers, etc. On the TiCOcommunity site, all talk is about TiVO so "issues" can be amplified. Rest assured, though, that if you foray (you will, resistance is futile) into the TiVOlution, this site will help you answer any questions you have......

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