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Feb 18, 2004
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I need a powered subwoofer for my audio setup, and I also need a piece of furniture for my components. I was seized with the bright idea of combining the two, but I think there may be snags. The biggest question I have is whether vibration from the sub could knock my equipment out of alignment. To describe the contemplated project more fully:

(1) Pioneer CLD-D704 LaserDisc and CD player. This item is what might be damaged by vibration. Its dimensions are large enough to control the setup, ca. 18in square by 6 in high, and it weighs near 25lb.
(2) Yamaha DDP-1 outboard AC-3 processor for LD use [RF in to 6ch discrete out]. Lightweight, amplifier size box mostly empty. Has an unswitched, fused electrical receptacle on back intended to recive the power cord from the LDP.
(3) El Cheapo surround-sound amplifier, about the same size as the DDP-1, that is ca. 16 x 12 x 5in. No electric receptacle. 6-ch in, preout for sub, actual working power switch in addition to standby.

My thought was to construct a cabinet from, say, medium-density fiberboard. The bottom portion of the cabinet to be a 20in cube containing the powered-sub [ca. 130 litres]; the top of this cube, a 20in square, would have the power and audio cord connexions. On here would sit my LaserDisc racks. About 15 in above, a shelf, and two more at 8in spacings, 20 x 18in, occupying the full width of the cabinet but with 2in of depth cut off at the back to allow for cord management. The sides to be solid panels all the way up. At the top, a 20 x 20in deck, which might be made to carry a small TV at some point, and might not. At the bottom, four square pad feet say 4 x 4 x 2in, at the corners, to lift the bottom of the box off the floor; the speaker opening to be in the centre of the bottom. The whole to be held together by tongue-in-groove work, adhesives, and screws [tools: tablesaw and router].

I am not trying to build a high-performance sub, just one to suit my modest needs. Does anyone have any experience with subwoofer vibrations throwing delicate laser-optical systems out of alignment, or not? And am I looking at using 3/4in MDF, or even thicker, to support the weight?

Thank you for all your kind assistance.

Dennis Gardner

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Dec 12, 2002
Built strong enough, a small sub won't cause you much vibration, but still may be too much for a disc player.

Placement flexibilty is also affected when a sub must remain where the cabinet works best, which may not be where the sub works best. Many find small subs to benefit from "corner loading" by placing into a front corner of the room to gain reflected sound from the walls without having to add power.

Just my thoughts.



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