Does this mean my 32" Toshiba is doomed...?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dick, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Twelve years ago I bought a Toshiba CF32272B television, which up until a few weeks ago never gave me a lick of trouble. Suddenly, bright lines, looking to be about the thickness of two normal horizontal lines, began creeping down from the top of the picture. Each day when I turn on the set, they start down a bit lower, slowly rising and disappearing from view after about a half hour. I have trouble-shot this every way I can think of (cables, magnetic speaker proximity, etc) but the problem just seems to get worse. Now, although the lines will finally still go out of view, they start as low as a quarter of the way down the tube and, after disappearing for a time, start creeping back down again.

    Any of you electronics geniuses out there know whether or not this means the gradual end of my tube? If so, it certainly won't be worth fixing (they charge about $65. just to take a look, and this thing weighs 80 pounds. I don't want to be lugging it about for nothing). Or could I have overlooked what might still be a user-fixable problem?

    This bums me out. I was going to buy a widescreen set in about six months and sell this old one...I really can't afford to buy one now, and can't sell a defective set!

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I had a Sony that was about 10 years old when the same thing started to happen. Before it began the TV used to exhibit a loud pop. The pop stopped after a while and the lines began to appear on the screen. After about a month, I turned the TV on and there was one horizontal line in the middle of the tube and there was no picture. Basically the picture tube died and it was time to junk the TV since repairing it would have cost too much. It appears to me that from your description, your Toshiba is on its last legs.[​IMG]

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