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Does Samsung HLR6168W Accept 1080p via VGA

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Ken Lee, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Ken Lee

    Ken Lee Auditioning

    Nov 15, 2005
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    Hello All:

    I'm getting conflicting info on the Samsung HLR6168W 1080p DLP HDTV. According to the user manual:

    "This TV receives a signal input and converts the signal
    into 1080p through signal processing.
    Although the resolution of this TV is 1920 x 1080, to
    watch TV with a higher visual quality and sharpness
    than a conventional TV, you can watch TV in a better
    visual quality when the input signal resolution is
    1080p.....To view TV in the best visual quality of 1080p,
    connect to a PC whose graphic output is WUXGA
    (1920 x 1080)."

    I also read that the HLR6168W was one out of only 2 current TV's that will accept a true 1080p native resolution.

    However, another source has stated that there are no true HDTV's that will accept a 1080p resolution.

    I'm hoping to get an iScan HD video scaler to improve SD Satellite PQ for the TV. The iScan provides a 1080P signal through it's VGA output which I hope to feed into the 6168.

    Would someone kindly confirm if the HLR6168W can accept 1080p input via VGA.

  2. Allan Jayne

    Allan Jayne Cinematographer

    Nov 1, 1998
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    I would hold off, even if the answer to your question is yes.

    A big unknwon for the future is how much programming will be available without HDCP (copy protection). Much copy protected material will soon be non-transmittable via VGA or any analog connection.

    You would want a digital HDCP compliant 1080p capable input on your TV.

    Also you do not need 1080p input on your HDTV to enjoy the maximum benefits of SDTV out of your iScan. After the iScan de-interlaces the video, the scaling to 1080p required for a 1080p TV is the easy part the TV can do.

    Video hints:

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