Does my "ideal" DVD player exist?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Jonathan Burk, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Jonathan Burk
    After 4 years, I have decided to upgrade my DVD player, and I'm not sure if they make one with all the features I'd like.

    - Progressive scan- 480p with DCDI (1080i upscaling would be nice, but not necessary)

    - No chroma bug

    - Pillar-box 4x3 material on the 480p output (my TV forces 16x9 on the progressive inputs)

    - Capable of zooming letterboxed 4x3 discs to make them 16x9.

    - MP3 playback with "random" or "shuffle" playback of MP3's.

    - Resume function, where it remembers where I was on previous discs.

    - DVD +/- RW compatibility

    - $300 or less.

    Most of my stuff is Sony, but any brand will do. Is anyone here familiar with a player that does this? If I had to give up something on the list, I could do without DCDI, as long as the PQ was still as good or better than my Sony DVP-NS775V.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    I think the Oppo 970 would pretty much cover all of that.

    The 970 zoom functionality for letterboxed material is excellent.

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