Does JVC's XV-S60BK DVD player really do 3:2 pulldown?

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  1. Patrick Ferrara

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Crutchfield is advertising the new JVC XV-S60BK DVD player as one which does 3:2 deinterlacing. The JVC website does not mention this. Even if it doesn't do the 3:2, for a progressive scan player, $250 sounds like a great deal. If it actually did 3:2 I think it would be a steal!
    Does anyone have this player or it's gold finished brother (JVC XV-S65GD)?
  2. MikeF

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    Oct 17, 2000
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    I have been trying to get the same question answered. I think the player can be found online for about $200, which would be nothing short of remarkable for a chroma bug-free, 3:2 progressive scanning player with MP3 audio playback and 4:3>16:9 auto-zooming.
    The RP91 costs something like twice as much, as does the Malata -- and lord only knows how long the latter will last. I almost bought a Malata, but am waiting to see whether the S60BK does 3:2. If it does do 3:2, I can't justify spending double to be able to watch on the Malata what few non-R1 titles interest me. (Not to mention the auto-zoom is much more convenient for non-HT geeks in the family.)
    My oh so exciting DVD collection.
  3. Tod Gettys

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    May 11, 2001
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    According to the player's sale page at, it does do 3:2 pulldown. Here's the link:
    Here are some of the details:
    Digital Direct progressive-scan (with automatic 3:2 pulldown) output delivers 480p signals straight from source material without the need for a line doubler
    Component video, composite video and S-video outputs for a great connection to virtually any TV
    Optical and coaxial digital audio outputs provide a perfect connection to Dolby Digital and DTS receivers
    Plays movie DVDs, CDs, VCDs and CD-R/RWs
    Integrated MP3 decoder
    Graphical user interface makes it easy to control all functions
    Video fine processor improves picture quality
    3-D PHONIC virtual surround sound
    Glow remote
    10-bit/27mHz digital-to-analog converter
    Variable (forward and reverse) search and slow motion,
    Digest play, strobe play, angle list, zoom play and resume function
    I'm looking at this one very closely too. Good luck.

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