Does anyone rate the Infocus SP5000?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by ChrisJL, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. ChrisJL

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    May 29, 2006
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    Guys, I have the option to buy a SP5000.

    Is the 4805 better for movies and gaming? Better all round?

    I know the 5000 is LCD - someone on the forum commented that its not so good for gaming....

  2. Jim Mcc

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    Feb 11, 2004
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    The 5000 has not gotten very good reviews. I would definitely get the 4805 over the 5000.
  3. Joseph Bolus

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    Feb 4, 1999
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    The LCD-based 5000 has a resolution advantage over the DLP-based 4805 (720p vs. 480p); and, due to the fact that it's LCD based, there is no RBE. It can also provide a little bit brighter picture.

    That's the extent of its advantages over the 4805.

    The 4805 provides a much more balanced picture with superior contrast ratio. And it's internal de-interlacer/scaler circuitry is much better than the 5000's. It's 4x, six segment color wheel does away with RBE artifacts for the majority of the population. SDE is about the same between the two units due to DLP's better "pixel fill".

    Between these two, I'd go with the 4805. BTW, 1080i HD cable looks gorgeous on the 4805 in spite of its 480p native resolution. It doesn't make sense; but it's true!

    EDIT: You asked about gaming. The 4805 is also good for games (my brother has an XBOX hooked-up to his); but I would try to avoid sending an interlaced signal from the game to this projector. An interlaced signal will cause the pj's DCDi de-interlacing processing to kick-in. This de-interlacer is *great* for 480i cable, LD's, and DVD movies; but it could (reportedly) cause the game's video to lag a bit behind the audio due to heavy video processing. Fortunately, most of today's high-end video game systems can be set to provide a progressive scan signal via component which will neatly sidestep the issue.

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