Does anyone know how the Outlaw 1050 sounds with the htd series III "set Y"?

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  1. Paresh_M

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    Jul 31, 2001
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    How good is the overall sound quality with this ht setup?
    Also does anyone know how the sub sounds on this set of speakers. Is it worth purchasing the set with the sub or would it be smarter to buy a seperate subwoofer.
    And finally how does this set sound with bass filled music?
  2. JoelW

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    Dec 14, 2000
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    We reviewed the HTD Level III tower powered by an Onkyo 595 and the Outlaw 1050.
    We are currently waiting on the arrival of the new Level III Sub so I can't comment on its performance yet. In the past, I've recommended people buy another subwoofer but the subs have gone through design changes since then.
    The towers powered by the Outlaw provide very responsive, tight bass. In our review we mentioned the fact the Outlaw was better at delivering the tight bass (especially in jazz) than the Onkyo 595.
    I was very impressed with these towers.
    Joel White

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