Does anyone know about the Memorex MHT 101 Dolby Surround speaker set?

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    Being strapped for cash, but looking for a bargain, I saw tonight at a Wal-Mart (I know, I know!) this set of Memorex speaker. The box said "MHT 101". Anyway, it's a set with four surround speakers (front and rear) a centre channel and a subwoofer with remote control. It seems the subwoofer is also an amplifier, since it had switches on it: TV, CD and Video (Not sure if that was the name of the last position, though).

    Since I can get it for $100 US (equivalent), I was wondering if anyone here knows aything about this setup. The Memorex site has no infomation about it (and it keps getting errors, too - not very well designed, I must say!) and when I contacted Customer Service by e-mail, I received a generic response like "Check the website", which really made me wonder about the level of intelligence and training of the people employed by the company. A search on google returned no results. I am sure, however, that I have the correct model number.

    So does anyone know about this set?
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    Save and get something decent. Memorex is not exactly known for making great speakers, and for $100, I doubt it will even be worth it.
    Check out for some less expensive packages that would likely be better. A college student friend of mine has the least expensive set, at just $199, and it is not too bad on a tight budget.
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    Memorex makes floppy disks.


    To buy a HT from them is like buying a car from microsoft.

    SAVE SAVE SAVE! ( and stay away from wal-mart!)

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