Do you watch streaming video? If so, which service do you use? Hulu had more video ad viewers than

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Cameron Yee, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Maybe it's an indicator of something, but I've heard of Hulu but I have not heard of the other three.

    When looking to watch shows I missed, I usually go to Hulu or direct to the broadcaster's website. Mondays are the perfect example as Chuck conflicts with How I Met Your Mother, so I usually wind up going to CBS to watch the latter.
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    I have a Roku box but have found that other than the subscription, I haven't used it very often for anything else. I thought Netflix streaming would be pretty cool, but their selection is often very limited. I don't expect them to have everything (well, OK, maybe part of me does...) but for a service that's been saying lately that they consider themselves more of a streaming than a mail business, the selection is surprisingly limited.

    I tried Hulu Plus for a month to stream on the Roku, and was extremely disappointed. What they don't tell you when you sign up for it is that there are a lot of programs that you can view on their website that they don't have the rights to stream to a Roku or other box-type device, which is just beyond ridiculous. Definitely not worth $10 a month when it's not viewable on the device I bought to view Hulu with. I think if you subscribe to that kind of service, it should make absolutely no difference whether you're watching it on a computer or a streaming box or anything else. (Imagine spending money on a magazine subscription and being told you were only allowed to read it in certain rooms of the house...ludicrous.)

    All of this stuff has great potential, but the rights and licensing issues seem to be so convoluted at this point. Hopefully that's something that gets addressed down the road.

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