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Feb 14, 2003
Recently while I was in Europe, waiting in Heathrow airport for my plane to France, I stopped into the mini-HMV store to check out some music(and to see their DVD collection, but I couldn't purchase any due to regional issues etc). Anyway, going through CD racks I came across the HMV section, or the section that has CD collections that they sell under the HMV label. I was curious about these CD's and I came across one that read "The Lennon & McCartney Jazz Collection". I thought, hmm this sounds interesting let me see what it is. Now here in L.A. I'd often heard some Beatles jazz-type music on a rock radio station called KLOS. They play Beatles jazz like right after a Beatles song and it sounds cool, so I was familiar with the concept.

I bought the CD, plopped it into my CD player and loved it. I'm a jazz fan so to hear jazz greats like Buddy Rich, Gene Harris, Jazz Crusaders, Chet Baker and more apply their talent to Beatles music was awesome. Reading the liner notes, I had no idea that there had been a long history of the Beatles/jazz fusion dating back to 1965.

And let me tell you, from having just been in London where I had been listening to a lot of Beatles while touring the town, this Beatles jazz CD was the perfect transition to France and I listened to it a lot while I was there.

The track listings are as follows:

1) Buddy Rich - Norwegian Wood 1967
2) Jazz Crusaders - Eleanor Rigby 1969
3) Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - Come Together 2000
4) Bud Shank - I Am The Walrus 2000
5) Stanley Turrentine - Fool On the Hill 1968
6) Jazz Crusaders - Hey Jude 1969
7) Joe Pass & Chet Baker - Nowhere Man 2000
8) Grant Green - I Want To Hold Your Hand 1965
9) Bud Shank - Blue Jay Way 2000
10) Dom Minasi - With A Little Help From My Friends 2000
11) Jazz Crusaders - Get Back 1969
12) Grant Green - A Day In The Life 1969
13) Lee Morgan - Yesterday 1968

So does anyone else have any Beatles jazz?

Danny Tse

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 2000
I have "(I Got No Kick Against) Modern Jazz - A GRP Artists' Celebration of the Songs of The Beatles" (1995) with a Peter Max-designed cover.

The Long and Winding Road - George Benson
She's Leaving Home - McCoy Tyner
She's So Heavy (aka I Want You) - Groove Collective
And I Love Her - Diana Krall
The Fool On The Hill - Tom Scott
Michelle - Ramsey Lewis
A Day In The Life - Lee Ritenour
Let It Be - Nelson Rangell
Eleanor Rigby - Chick Corea
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Russ Freeman
In My Life - Spyro Gyra
Here There and Everywhere - David Benoit
Blackbird - Arturo Sandoval
Yesterday - Dave Grusin

This was my first time hearing Diana Krall....been a fan ever since.

John Watson

Jul 14, 2002
About a year ago I started looking for titles with the Beatles jazz instrumental theme - tho I was open to instrumental versions that were not strictly speaking jazz.

One of the best, a great sounding disk is by Count Basie, with a note from Ring Starr. The title is BASIE ON THE BEATLES.

It's what I wanted, creative exploration of Beatles tunes, and superb sound. I also have a Verve "Basie's Beatle's Bag" but it is harsh sounding, and doesn't have such a good selection, having been released in the early days of the Beatles success.

Both the compilations you guys have sound great.

There are some real stiffs out there. Amazon recommended me (and I ordered it :frowning:) some guitarist rendition of Beatle's classics - talk about easy listening hell!

There's also a genre of "classical" music versions of Beatles tunes. I have the Canadian Brass playing Beatles music.

Rachael B

Senior HTF Member
Jun 5, 2000
Knocksville, TN
Real Name
Rachael Bellomy
I have the GRP disc too,:emoji_thumbsup: I love sampplers in general. The Anthony Wilson Trio's OUR GANG has a very nice take on The Insects' I WANT YOU (She needs Jenny Craig she's so heavy). Gabor Szabo's GYPYSY '66 has some nice Beatle covers picked on his get-tar, IF I FELL is one of 'em. Booker T. & the MG's McLEMORE AVENUE might as well be considered Beatles' jazz as they do Abbey Road in a new and exciting order. Area Code 615 did Beatle tunes as kuntry jazz, tasty! I'm sure I could think of some other good'un's if I thought longer. I was planning to make an MD of Beatles covers of some sorts, sometime, myself.

BTW, I played Area Code 615 last nite.:)

Henry Gale

Senior HTF Member
Jul 10, 1999
Real Name
Henry Gale
In 1969 I was working at a radio station that had Arif Mardin's Glass Onion.
He is best know this year as Nora Jone's producer.
Took me over 30 years but I finally found my own copy not long ago.


Second Unit
Sep 20, 2002
"Booker T. & the MG's McLEMORE AVENUE"

I recall hearing this, and it was great. I should look around for it again on CD.

I wish this would one day be reissued on DVD-A or even an SACD. I think Fantasy still owns the tapes?

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