Do you have to sneek your DIY?

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  1. Casey H

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    Jul 29, 2001
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    Hey All,
    [rant]Just whining a bit, I have a spouse (whom I love to death) that loves the whole HT thing! She brags to friends etc. about this and that and how the seats shake you around when T-Rex comes. Everything is honky dory right?
    WRONG. How come the things she wants done around the house (that I would otherwise care less if they were or were not) are "our things" to enjoy. And when I say our "(insert any DIY project in here)" she says "that is something you want", or "we already have one of those (sub), why do we need a new one?" So now, I feel like in order to do a project I have to be sneaky about it and do only parts that I can while she is running errands etc.?[/rant]
    Sorry guys, just letting off some steam! I need a drink! Anyone else have a priorities list like mu-ah?
    Pat, you can blast this thread if not in compliance!
    Thanks, Casey [​IMG]
  2. Pete Mazz

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    May 17, 2000
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    I just tell my wife " You don't ask about electronics or speakers and I won't ask about shoes or jewelry". [​IMG]
  3. I was about to post something...but I think I hear the UPS truck coming!!!

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