Do these settings (57HX81) sound right?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Ken Makela, Nov 7, 2001.

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    I've been totally preoccupied with this set since it was delivered on Friday. While PS DVD looked superb right off the bat. Satellite (Canadian Bell ExpressVU Echostar #4700)has been grainy and ghosty. I Avia'd and set the following:
    Cont: 44
    Bright: 45
    Col: 49
    Tint: -11
    Sharp: 44
    Temp: Warm
    This seems to be optimum for movies, but TV still was pretty lousy. I've played a little more with the Satellite input and came up with these.
    Cont: 29
    Bright: 55
    Col: 51
    Tint: -9
    Sharp: 28
    Temp: Med
    Hockey seems to be the most challenging source for this set. Are these settings similar to other users'?
  2. Craig

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    Your first group of settings are pretty similar to what I have on my Tosh TW56X81 for DVDs. Sharpness down below 30 looked better on my set, a little less grainy. I also use the medium temp setting for DVDs, warm is just too red on my set.
    Basically if it looks good to you then go with it. Everyone's TV is different and ambient conditions are different. There's not a single set 'correct' settings.

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