Do I need a MultiDirectional Antenna?

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    Aug 30, 2001
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    I have looked at the maps on both and It looks like most of the stations are in the same general direction.

    I do not want to use a rotor.

    I am no further than 30-35 miles from the towers, the three main stations are at 309, 261 and 271 degrees.

    I have a couple of things going for me... the house is a large two story farm house and it sits on a hill, that happens to be the highest point in Tuscola county.

    Here is the address if you want to take a look....
    2163 Millington Rd
    Millington, MI
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    I am within a half mile of the main tower for most ot the TV stations of the Bay Area. Even though the antennas of fox and abc are both on this tower, I could not get both in at the same time(digital). For some reason omni directional antennas are hard to find. I broke down and bought a roter, it was cheaper than buying a new omni directional antenna.
    Radio shacks are discontinuing outdoors antennas and rotors. You might find a good deal. My 100ft of roter cable was $0.24 cents total!

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