Do I buy myself a sub or receiver for Xmas?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Duane_T, Oct 29, 2001.

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    Jul 30, 2001
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    Ok, assuming I don't get any more unexpected bills before Xmas, I am going to buy myself a Xmas present (I forgot my faceplate in my deck, and thieves busted my doorlock and the metal around it and grabbed my deck).
    My choices are:
    Denon 3802 or
    SVS 20-39 PC or Paradigm PW-2200
    My current equipment:
    Technics SADX930 - not enough power
    Paradigm Monitor 7s, CC350, Mini Monitors (with 2 extra), PDR-10
    My room is approx. 22'x12'x7'?
    I really want both soon but can only afford one. Which would you choose?
    As for the sub, from all the rave reviews, I really think that an SVS is the way I want to go, but the price of Paradigm subs in Canada and some of the things Tom V. has had to say about them makes it a possibility too. What do you think about the sub choices?
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    I would go with the receiver, but that's just me! You already have a decent sub. But the receiver will be like an upgrade to all your equipment. It will make your main's/surrounds/ and sub sound better. If you go with just the Sub upgrade you just get a bass upgrade, but it will be a good upgrade.
  3. Ryan Schnacke

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    If you're currently running with any of the speakers large, then consider that setting them to small would take some of the load off the receiver. In that case, you might go with the sub first.
    But if you're actually running out of power with your current receiver - and getting clipped signals - then the first thing you need is better amplification.

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