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Do Computer Monitors Have The Best Picture Quality? (1 Viewer)

Allen Marshall

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Sep 26, 2003
someone i know wants to get a VGA adaptor so he can play xbox on his computer monitor because he told me that computer monitor pictures look better then hi res tvs and then went on about how computer monitors are up to 10gp now (i dont know what that means either).

Im hoping the answer is no. And i would just as naturally assume the answer is no because common monitors are cheap.

And how come when you change the picture resolution on a computer, the screen zooms in or out. Like, why is a higher pixel number more zoomed out and why cant you have more pixels like 1600x1200 but keep the 800x600. If you put the screen resolution on 1600x1200 would watching movies on it make it look any better. Do computers work differently when your dealing with picture quality or what.

Im just very confused.

My Terminator 2 dvd says on the back something about if you watch it on your computer using Windows Media 9 you can get a high definition picture. Well what's different there then if you just watched it on your computer period, or any dvd for that matter.

Do the monitor's size have anything to do with they're picture quality. Do the cords going from the CPU to the monitor have anything to do with it, like my dad's flat panel has that blue cord goin from the cpu to the back of the screen and the manual said it was a digital something or other, does that make his screen quality better then mine?

last question, what is HTPC?

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
Computer monitors look sharper than ordinary TV sets because of the finer dot pitch.

Most CRTs, projectors and direct views, will have a slightly different picture size for each scan rate (resolution). Many have height and width presets (memories) so you can adjust them to show the same picture size as you change resolution.

You can watch DVD's with the monitor displaying 800x600 or 1600x1200 etc. but something in between (called a scaler and may be built into a PC if you are using one in between) is needed to convert the 480 scan lines from the DVD player and cause the monitor to switch to displaying 600 or 1200 scan lines. The picture will look as smooth as high definition (when set to at least 720 scan lines) but not as sharp as high definition because the DVD doesn't carry that much detail. Your Terminator II DVD may be more than an ordinary DVD, with data only readable by a computer with the #9 (can't see the whole brand name without backing my browser) software you described to give a high definition picture.

The cord between the DVD player and the monitor (or cords between the DVD player and scaler and monitor) can degrade the picture. The higher the resolution the monitor is called upon to display, the better a cord you need.

Some of the scalers gaining popularity (including DVDO iScan; Lumagen, all models with VGA jack output) are also VGA converters, namely can be used between a DVD player or XBOX outputting standard video (480i) and operate a computer monitor.

Video hints:

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Aug 19, 2002
Your T2 disc contains a second DVD that contains Windows Media Video HD files that are playable on a computer. These files are high-definition. At this time, there aren't standalone players with WMV-HD capability that I know of, but there likely will be soon. At this point in time, WMV-HD and D-VHS are the only pre-recorded HD sources available right now.


Sep 30, 1997
Utah USA
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Wes Peterson
I retired my CRT projector scaler (Viewsonic VB50) to my sons monitor and his x box. We have it scaling up to 1024x768 and it looks much better than a tv.
You can pick up VB50's for any where between $50-100 on e-bay and places on the net. http://www.bizrate.com/marketplace/p...--6517881.html
This will give a better picture than a vga converter which will only run at 480p.
And it has a NTSC tv tuner in it. Warning though it will bring out Macrovision in dvd movie playback, a Macrovision Free dvd player will solve that.
It also has a VGA pass through for the computer to monitor.


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