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    I recently purchased a Samsung HcS5687W 56' http://www.samsung.com/Products/TV/D...S5687WXXAA.asp

    The TV is awesome! I have it in my basement theater room. I knew going in that if you are not eye level with the middle of the screen the picture could be a tad bit different in color.

    My question is. My sitting area is about 2ft below eye level at this point. The TV is on a fixed space(it cant be moved down). Can the TV be tilted down at an angle?(this doesnt seem recommened?) Should I build a platform for my sitting area? bring it up two feet?(lots of work) Any suggestions on how to improve this?

    We got the DLP because cost was a huge issue. If there is nothing that can be done we are happy with the current conditions that exist.

    Another question:

    There are three different picture settings. Dynamic, Standard and movie. It seems that at the lower level we sit at at dynamic works the best, even when the room is dark. Is there a disadvantage to always having a DLP set at Dynamic??
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    You can build a "wedge" to set the TV on to angle it to your liking. My friend did this with his DLP in a media cutout over the fireplace (God I hate those things).

    And I have noticed in many stores where the TVs are well below eye level on a floor platform they are on wedges to angle them up.

    No problem. Wedge it.

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