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Mike LS

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Jun 29, 2000
This is a basic DLP question, but I've never worked with a DLP projector before and I wonder...

Are DLP projectors usually darker/dimmer than a comperable LCD model?
Reason I ask is that I just bought a BenQ DX650 DLP projector (1600 lumens) for a theater I'm putting together for a friend. I bought it on the recommendation of a local projector rep. I just pulled it out of the box and fired it up to see how big an image I could get out of it from a certain distance away, and it just seems really dim.

We have a 700 lumens 3M LCD model that puts up as bright or brighter picture than that.

I also notice some ....for lack of a better word, artifacts? Around some of the pictures. Say if there were words on the screen, surrounding the words there were fuzzy areas that don't show on a regular tube display.

Does the unit just need to break in? I just ran it for 15 minutes or so....I'm going to play with it more before I install it, but I thought I'd ask.

Neil Joseph

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Jan 16, 1998
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Neil Joseph
This does not really answer your question but it is a side note. I notice that most manufacturers advertise the highest possible brightness a projector can achieve side by side with the greatest contrast ratio. The only problem is both cannot be achieved at the same time. You must sacrifice brightness in order to get the higher contrat ratio and vise-versa. This is like advetising homes, showing the most expensive model available but showing the price of the cheapest model in large print. They should not do this and we should be educated to realize what the specs mean when they throw them up.

Generally when you are talking about LCD vs DLP from the same generation of projectors, DLP yields a much better contrast ratio and sometimes but not always, LCD will have brighter images.

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