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Discussion in 'Displays' started by randall horn, Feb 24, 2004.

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    Hello, everyone. I am a marketing guy that sells aircraft cockpit displays, so I am somewhat up on engineering terms, but will "wash out" if you get too heavy on technical. At any rate, I am moving into a new home and am making some diecisions on how to set up the audio/visual system. I am intrigued by projection because I have long thought the TV monitor is one of the ugliest pieces of furniture and a space hog to boot. My problem is that the room has a relatively high ambient with numerous windows. There is no direct light however.
    What kind of projector light output am I going to have to go with? If I am trying to get there on a $4-5K budget is there anything out there that will fill the bill. If I cannot get DLP resolution I think I will fall back to DLP rear projection and just live with the hardware in the room. I am looking at a throw distance of 15-20 feet.

    I think I will also have an angle of incidence issue as the ceiling is high, so I am planning on having a drop down mechanism built to keep the projector up when not in use. Any input someone could give me here would also be appreciated.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Very roughly your lumens requirements are....

    Square footage of screen x 16 / screen gain ---> raw Lumens needed for darkened room viewing.

    Then take that raw figure and multiply x 1.5 to take into account bulb dimming over the life of the bulb.

    Then take that result and multiply by 2.0 to account for manufacturers publishing light output for uncalibrated projectors with everything opened wide without regard for image fidelity. Expect to lose 40 to 50% from the published figure for a projector once you calibrate it to produce a picture with correct color temp and good fidelity.

    Assuming an average 1.3 gain screen, this all means you should look for a machine with a lumens output rating of...

    Square footage of screen / 1.3 x 16 x 1.5 x 2 lumens or
    about 37lumens/square foot of screen.

    A 16x9 80 inch wide screen is about 25 square feet.

    25 x 37 is about 920 lumens minimum published output required.

    If the figure cannot be met by a projector, plan a smaller screen.
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    okay say my dlp h30 dlp

    screen 74.25 width and 44.5 high

    throw wall to wall 10.6 ft

    800 lumens

    2000TO1 contrast what screen type would work for me ?

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