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  1. Greg Miles

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    Jan 27, 2002
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    My projector, http://www.infocus.com/service/lp425z/spec.asp
    claims compressed XGA...it also claims component input through the proprietary interface and 15pin output.
    Will I gain any clarity using this component input versus the S-Video input...normally if the component input is a standard traditional set of cables it would be but does the 15pin mess change that?
    And the ability to handle 1080i input...is this for HDTV only or do I gain higher clarity using my XBOX?
  2. JasG

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    Jun 9, 2001
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    I experimented a bit with a 425z from work. As an SVGA 800x600 projector, it will accept an XGA signal but output is scaled and text looks very bad. Can't comment on XBOX, I would not expect much from an XGA image scaled to SVGA there either...

    It looked great for DVDs (which are 720x480), but I would not expect great looking 1080I HDTV. Standard NTSC was ok.

    I have never heard of it accepting component signals, just composite, S-Video and VGA.

    The newer Infocus models, LP500 and 530 (SVGA and XGA native) are 2 or 3 gens newer and are much improved over the 425z. 1080i on an XGA display is surprisingly good..competes well with any RP HDTV I have seen in showrooms.
  3. Micheal

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    If you can manage to hook up the Xbox with the HD cables (component) then you should be able to select 480P (most games are 480P..., so far) in the Xbox menu and get a better picture.
    As long as your PJ accepts the signal and can upconvert it... (I think you would need a Component to RGB converter.)
    (I know that HALO looks pretty amazing in 480P on my PJ) [​IMG]

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