DIY Wall Mount For Studs That Are TOO FAR APART (Tutorial W/ PICS)


Dec 24, 2010
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Chris Topher
Ok. New User, whats up everyone. I'm posting this to help anyone who had the same problem as I encountered. I bought a TV wall mount for studs that are 16" apart and my studs are 24". So I googled my problem, I found a couple insightful and helpful topics. One of which led me to this forum.


And this topic as well:

So I followed the advice given and through some trial and error got my TV mounted to the wall! It was to mount 2x4's across the studs and hang the mount on them.

So Let Us Begin.

Tools + Equipment: Wall Mount,
3" Screws (12)

2" Screws (6)


Philips Screw Driver

Stud Finder

Measuring tape

2x4 cut to 28" (2)


White Spray Paint


I bought a very well priced one from for like $20 w/ Shipping. It came with everything you would possibly need. Except that the screws were not long enough to go through the 2x4's and into the drywall so instead I used 3" All purpose screws to go into the wall. And 2" screws for the Wall mount. I then went to home depot and bought 1 long 2x4 and had them cut it to 28" pieces.

When I came home the first thing I did was go outside and paint the planks using spray paint to match the wall. I put one layer on then went inside and started setting up.

1. Step Uno: Getting everything you need arranged and in place.

2. Step Duo: Go out to a vented area and paint your wooden planks to match the wall. I used spray paint and applied several light coats and then a few heavy coats to finish up the can. Only paint the front and sides that will be exposed. While yours letting the coats dry proceed to step 3.

3. Step Trey: Mount the Brackets to the back of your television.

4. Step Quattro: Use your stud finder to find the two studs and thinly outline the studs with a pencil. The place your wall mount on the wall and outline the points you will be screwing into the wood.

5. Step Cinco: Take your 2x4 and hold it firmly up against the wall and put a leveler on top. Make sure its leveled then mark, 3 holes on each side that match evenly in the middle of the stud. Make sure you go through the 2x4 and the drywall. Then remove the plank from the wall. And then drill through the studs.

6. Step Sex: Use the guidelines to see where the wall mount screws will go. Then draw marks on the 2x4 for the holes.

7. Step Se7en: Then using a tape measure make marks in the center of the plank for the wall mount screws. Then put the 2 planks on top of each other and using the leveler make the same 3 marks on the other plank.

8. Step Ocho:Now that all of the drilling is done your ready for the next step. Screw in the top plank to the studs.

9. Step Nove: now attach the wall mount to the plank and make sure its leveled.

10. Step Diez: This step will make things a bit easier. Take the bottom plank and slip it behind the wall mount and screw it in place.

Now make sure that it is flush with the top plank by put the leveler on the sides.

11. Step Eleven: Now that its attached you can drill in the holes for the bottom plank into the studs!

Everything thing should be flush and leveled because you were careful and took your time to use your leveler!!

Now Screw everything in place.

12. Step Doce: Eat your banana, your gonna need the strength to lift the TV. Its recommended that you use 2 people to lift the tv and put it onto the mount, last thing you want is to damage your TV. Its very hard to see get a good look at the mount while your holding the TV so be careful if you plan on lifting it yourself.

13. Step Trece: Secure TV to the mount.

All in all This setup cost me about $25-$30 and a few hours of work. But hopefully with my guide It will take you less time, and If you don't want to paint the wood then it shouldn't take more than 45 minutes. Hope this helps someone!

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