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DIY sub enclosure size,??? (1 Viewer)

Kevin Beck

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 4, 2001
DIY sub experts,..have a question. I hate to keep saying this, but I come from caraudio. I have done a few systems, and done a little sub enclosure design. Nothing too fancy though. I know for the most part, a larger enclosure, as long as the speaker can handle it, will produce a lower tuning frequency. Thats great if you have room. In a house, most of the time, there is room. What I'm not too sure about is how low, and how big is getting out of hand. Most of the subs that are offered by electronic manufacturers are nowhere near the size of most of the DIY subs. Not even close. I have built my second Sono, that is a huge unit, with two 15's in it, that I have not been able to power with a fair amount of power yet, (amp trouble) that seems to be getting blown away by a store bought run of the mill sub. I'm confused.

Mike Strassburg

Second Unit
Nov 4, 2001

I'm no expert as I've only built one but I'm more than happy with the results.

We go bigger because it requires much less power to obtain high SPL's. Trust me something is not right with your sub as it's the same one I built & mine is ALL I could ask for in my 16x22 room. My house is literally coming apart: drywall banging, siding vibrating, etc... Car subs in such a small environment will probably hit harder, but mine will punch you in the chest with authority, no doubt.

How much power are you pushing to it? Are you 100% sure it's wired correctly, no leaks, or other issues?

RudyD was over a few weekends ago and got to take a listen. He said it's the most impressive sub he's ever heard and he's listened to quite a few. Obviously it's not the best sub in the world, but it will kick ass on ALL the subs in BB playing at once and Tweeter had nothing close either, even at 3-4 x the $$$.

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