DIY Speaker Cable from single braided 12 AWG?

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    I have access to about as much 12AWG braided copper cable as I want for free, but it's in rolls of single conductor wire, not 2 conductors connected like standard speaker cable. I know simply running 2 lengths would work just fine, but I was wondering if there is a reasonably cost effective manner of connecting 2 lengths to make one dual conductor speaker cable?

    The idea that makes the most sense is Tech-Flex and 3-1 Heat shrink then terminate with the appropriate ends. If i did this, what size Tech-Flex would i use? Also, are the Tech-Flex sizes listed at Parts Express the expanded size or the contracted size?

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    Just get a drill and twist the two leads together. As far as the Tech-Flex, the sizes are nominal, contracted sizes.
  3. Twisting does not work with stranged. You can "twist" 2 cables together without stressing them, but it can only be done by hand. In short, the cables longitudinally orbit around each other while they remain on the same radial axis. Something that is kinda hard to explain, but if you play around, you can figure out what I mean.

    You can also braid 3 wires and use the extra as a dummy cable

    3:1 heatshrink is really stiff when shrunk, try some flexable 2:1 with adhesive lining from you can also get techflex there too. also has these
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    I built my bi-wired 12 AWG speaker cables using 2 runs of 12 AWG pairs. I just used electrical tape every 3" or so to hold the 2 runs together. I'd think it would work just fine for your application too.

    I covered mine with TechFlex and 3:1 shrink tube. For 4 12 AWG wires, use 1/2" TechFlex and 18mm 3:1 shrink tubing. For 2 12 AWG wires, use 1/4" TechFlex and 12mm 3:1 shrink tubing.

    You can check the results here (look towards the bottom of the page for speaker cables):

    DIY Home Theater Cables

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