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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Justin.A, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Hi there,

    My name is Justin and Im from South Africa - and yes, this is my first HT project [​IMG]

    Firstly I just want to say thanks to anyone who offers help, forum and communities like these are EXTREMELY helpful!

    Ps> if Im asking too many questions, please, if possible reffer me to a beginners guide website.

    Right, well let me get on with my questions - here's the scenario.

    I will be building an extra room onto my house that will function as a Home Theatre / Computer Room.

    The rooms dimensions will be approximately
    4m (l) X 4m (w) X 2.5m (h) giving (if I can still remember the math) a volume of 40m3 and a floor surface area of 16m2.
    All walls will be made of concrete with no windows and one inward hinging door.

    Right, here are the questions:

    Floor Surface:
    Im considering either tiles, laminated wood or thin wood planks. Carpets are unfortunately not an option. Which of the above would be the best choice?

    Soundproofing/Passive aucustic improvement:
    I have noticed that many audio shops have curtains in their display booths. Am I correct in presuming that this helps in preventing sound echos? Does one require all four walls to be curtained or only two? Should the ceiling be insulated etc? Also, would a hollow-core door affect the sound quality in the room, or must it be solid?

    Since the room will have no windows, what would you folks recommend for ventilation? An extractor fan perhaps, or would this cause unwanted sound?

    Sound System:
    Since this room will act as both a HT and a PC room, having full connectivity from PC to HT set will be vital. In the light of this, my options (for now) are between a HT "kit" such as those produced by LG, SAMSUNG, PIONEER etc and a multimedia "PC" 5.1 "KIT". After having done some research, my choice for PC set seems to lie with the Logitech z680.
    Technical specs are +- 62W x4, 130W Sub, 72W Centre, with Prologic&THX decoder built in.

    I fully understand that most folks here are purists and swear by their component sets. And yes, I would normally agree, but unfortunately with the cost of the building etc, my options are a "brand name kit" or the Logitech Z680 for now.

    So my question for this catagory is mainly, would the Logitech Z680 be sufficient in giving enough power/sound delivery for the room's dimensions for DVD theatre use?
    .. and if you have a z680 and can compare it to a brand kit, that would also help [​IMG]

    Speaker Placement:
    Just a quick one here, must the speakers be in the four corners of the room at the front and at the back? Should they be at ear level or high pointing down?

    Thanks again for any help.
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    Hi Justin. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]

    We have an entire fourm dedicated to building HT interiors so I am going to move your post over there where many of the theater builders hang out.

    I will handle one of your questions (and the Speakers fourm will give you lots of additional advice):

    Speaker Placement:

    No. Speakers dont go in the 4 corners.

    Ideally, your central location will be the center of a circle with all the speakers on the edges. From a line to the center speaker you want the L/R speakers about 45 degrees out. (Yes, this means pulling them into the room - not shoved up against the walls like in the advertisments). You want some room to either side, and even behind your speakers to give the sound some room to bounce.

    Ideally, the tweeters on all 3 front speakers will be at the same height, as close as you can to your ear height while seated.

    I personally perfer the rear speakers also be placed at ear height, but other try to follow the Dolby guidelines of 3-4 feet above your ears. Try and play with both placements before doing a perminent install and pick what sounds best to you.

    Good luck, and enjoy your stay.

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