DIY Paint Stripping from Wooden Chest

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    My fiance has a chest which we use as a bedside table. The chest was made for her by her grandfather and it's made out of redwood. For some reason, when she was 16 (she's 31 now) she decided to paint the entire thing white. From what I can gather, the paint appears to be latex and peels off in some areas. However, some areas are difficult to get the paint off of. The chest is just a flat rectangular box with no designs or carvings on it. What's the best way to strip all the paint off of the chest that would caused the absolute least damage to the wood underneath. I've tried using a heat gun, but it doesn't work all that great. Would a chemical remover be easier / simpler to use? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    My brother did this with an antique dresser someone in my family decided should be painted green.

    He used an eco-friendly paint stripper. You brush it on, and wait a while and you should be able to scrape the paint off easily with a putty knife.

    Since you don't have any carvings or details to try to get into, a putty knife should be all you need.

    Or.. you can take it to a pro and have it "dipped".

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