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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Mark_J_H_Jr, Feb 24, 2004.

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    I have heard that most people over 30 do not hear frequencies up around 20kHz.

    So I wanted to know if there are frequency sweeps or some type of .wav files somewhere to download from 15kHz and above. I have some up to 20 hz, but not above that.

    I am curious what I can hear.

    Anyone else curious about this or have done some experimentation in this regard?

    I took a hearing check a few years ago and passed, but have no idea what the specifically checked and what passing means. [​IMG]
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    Just download the NCH tone generator.

    Hearing checks compare at what specific SPL you hear given frequencies. So they start with a fairly low output then raise the SPL until you indicate you're hearing it. They repeat that for all frequencies tested. They then plot a response curve.

    For example I have a -3dB dip at 3kHz in my right ear, and a -1.5dB dip at 3kHz in my left ear. Those are a function of having multiple ear infections as a child.

    High frequency hearing loss is a function of age. But it's also a function of repeated exposure to high SPLs. When you see kids walking down the street; and you can hear their headphones blaring, or cars stereos that obscure all other sounds, those people already have permanent hearing damage...
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    A simple test using test tones like you asked about will ball park ones high freq hearing ability.

    Certainly not a replacement for a real pro hearing test, it should give one some idea at what point their high freq hearing is begining to fall off, then just plain fail.

    I just did this with my brother this last weekend. We just tested from ~{10kHz & up, using a spl of 75-db for all tones}~. Hey used what we had.
    Found the boy is just flat out stone deaf from about 13-kHz out. Even when increased to 85-db (he still could not hear) a 13kHz tone. I always wondered why his systems sounded so high freq forward, well it seemed to me that way, now I belive I know why.

    He is now well into his 40's, and tho never abusing his ears like one would think, (slamming loud car stereos, Motor City Mad Man "Ted N" concerts next to the speaker stacks, etc)...

    His & my type of work and not wearing ear plugs untill the last couple years, has "definitely taken it's toll" with time.

    I'm not much better, with high freq hearing disapearing around 15-16kHz.

    Both of us have worked in rather loud enviroments all our lives. Heavy equipment construction, running & being in or around heavy equipment and their screaming motors for years. Not seeming that loud at the time, obviously they have taken a toll on our ears!

    You might be surprised at what you find, my brother and I certainly were, and once it's gone, well it's gone...


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