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Dec 16, 2001
I just got finished a few hours ago hooking up my Diva's and let me say that they are fantastic. My girlfriend even noticed a huge change. That's a rarity!! My old speakers were (UCK) Bose Aucistmass10 Series 2 speakers which I don't even want to call speakers anymore. Luckily they have great resale value!! I hooked the fronts up via a Parasound2003 which puts out 200X3 and a Parasound855 for the remaining 2 surround channels at 85X5. I'm going to buy 2 more R3's for the back surrounds in the future. You see I really wanted to wait a year or so to buy these because of moving into a different house. I just couldn't resist the temptation. The newer center channel which incorporates the tweeter in the speaker instead of above it was a blessing for me. In no way could fit it above my TV in the entertainment unit if the old design was in it's place. I still can not get over the Rosewood finish. My girlfriend was so angry with me when I told here that these are going into the new dedicated home theater room instead of the living room. That to me says a lot about the GAF or WAF factor. I told here that we can always get another set in the future. Hey, she never said no!! Now the review. I played around with them a lot and found that my dual SVS 25-31CS+'s still should handle the lower freq. :) The sound was beautiful. After watching 5 movies I was in awe. The fronts and center crated a front sound-stage that was candy to the ears. The rear surrounds along with the front's had information that I never knew was in movies. The smile was attached to my face for hours, "why should I stop here", I gave it the good old 2 channel stereo music test. These continue to impress. My favorite CD to test is Pink Floyd's Pulse, I always wanted to "feel" like I am there and oh my god was I. I played "Wish You Were Here", and I felt like I was in Toronto watching them live again. The separation and pinpointing of where every instrument is coming from is fabulous. Everything about these speakers is gorgeous(Looks, Sound, Convenience, Price etc.) I want to personally thank everyone that contributed on comments, pictures, or whatever in swaying my decision between products. You see your comments are the absolute pinnacle in research and going any higher is an impossibility. Do I think my purchases were original? Not really, I am not a rich man, but make a honest living and by going with more bang for the buck components(SVS, Diva)I'm sure hundreds of people enjoy this combination. Am I happy? OH YES!!! I couldn't be happier the upgrade bug has been officially squashed!!! Now it's time for a 100 inch screen and a CRT/DLP/LCD projector...maybe I'll wait till I move out for this one....then again.

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